Seven Bends State Park, Woodstock, Virginia, July 2020

The Get Over It Jeep Club of SOMD was created as a place to share our love of Jeeps, to help connect fellow Jeepers, and to get Jeep enthusiasts actively involved in Jeep related events.


The sense of community that Jeep owners share is by far one of the greatest aspects of owning this iconic vehicle. We want to capitalize on that by offering a variety of activities/events for members to participate in that include off-roading adventures, both near and far, meet and greets, wrenching parties and technical advice, community building activities, and support other off-road events in the surrounding areas. It is meant to be a non-threatening, fun, relaxing arena where we can all feel comfortable asking for advice, sharing our rigs, and just hanging with our friends and family. If you have ideas or something you would like to see happening, let us know so we can see about making it happen. This group is for every member to contribute and participate in. If you offer something up, be prepared to get involved, that is what is all about.

No jeep is too big or small, whether stock or heavily modified, we want them all, the more the merrier.