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My love for Jeeps started as a kid when my dad would tell me stories of his 1945 MB. In high school I would stop by the local Jeep dealer and drool over the CJ-7s, but it would be a while before I felt I could afford a brand new Jeep. I began offroading back in 1985 when I bought a '73 International Scout II. It was a beast with a body full of dents, but it had a good drive train and transfer case. My friends found a pit in Germantown that had a big hill and a few mud holes. We would play there during the daylight hours. Sadly, a few years later a rear wheel came off while barrelling down I66. I was doing 65mph and I watched my wheel and tire shoot past me at about 75. Two seconds later the back end dropped, sparks flying. All I could think about was "the gas tank is back there". Long story short, the hub backing plate was shot and no one would sell me the parts without me buying the whole rear end.

Fast forward to 1997 and a few vehicles later, I was out looking for a brand new car and I went right to the Jeep dealership. I found a good deal on TJ and never looked back. Between my bride and I we've owned 8 Jeep brand vehicles. In 2016, I special ordered a JKU Willys Wheeler just the way I wanted it... well almost... now we're going to lift Wet Willy and look for a new front bumper. And of course bigger tires when its time for some new tread... and then some shorter gears... and...

Harold 'Buzz' Hammond

Harold 'Buzz' Hammond

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